Top Colleges and Universities in New Hampshire


The Education in New Hampshire is excellent as Colleges and Universities focus on providing world class education along with sports, cultural events and many more. The main aim of such organizations is to teach moral values to the students, while supporting them in their academics. Below is the list of best Universities and colleges in NH, which excels in very department.


1:Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is situated in Hanover and it is top ranked colleges present in New Hampshire. This college aims at offering prestigious programs in regards with culture,arts,medicine,business,engineering and many more.The students from this college get opportunity to research and study in their respective subjects. Half of the students of Dartmouth have participated in travel program which was held in 20 different countries.


2: University of New Hampshire at Manchester

UNHM provides almost 32 distinct graduate and undergraduate programs in school’s modern campus.The schools under UNHM have made its unique position by offering high quality programs including biotechnology, homelandsecurity, analytics and many more.UNHM has about 1,000 students which are less in number when compared to University of New Hampshire.The schools also focus on healthy lifestyle of students and this is the reason that they offer sports, club in arts, academics and activism.

3: Saint Anselm College

Saint Anselm College is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. It is the third-oldest Catholic college and the management feels verysatisfied on the excellence in Saint_Anselm_College_SNOWeducation that they have been providing since years. Along with theology and philosophy courses, the school also aims at providing 22 minors and 42 different majors. Degrees in various streams such as law, engineering, medicine is provided here. Fresher attends philosophy training program so as to proceed further in the academics.


4: University of New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire is located in Durham and has an enrolment of over 12,000 students which itself says that it is the largest across the state. The school has a wide campus of 2,600- acres which is situated near the state coastline. The school provides various programs including 1000 undergraduate majors along with some graduate program in the field of business, medicine, economics, law and engineering. The athletes get an opportunity to participate in various events organised by the management. New York Times bestsellers and multiple Pulitzer winners are part of school’s faculty. Alice McDermott and John Irving are remarkable alumni of the school.


5: Plymouth State University

Plymouth-StatePlymouth State University is one of the best Universities in New Hampshire that aims at providing superior education along with strong programs in the niche of psychology, business, visual arts and many more. This university was founded as a teacher’s college and since then it has progressed tremendously. The students in this school are very much disciplined as they are taught the moral ethic right from the beginning of the course. Denver Broncos, Joe Dudek and Matt Tupman are some of the outstanding alumni’s of this University.


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