Things to Do in New Hampshire

If you are planning your tour in New Hampshire then it is the best decision that you have taken in your lifetime. Below are some of the fabulous things that you can do while planning your visit. The place is full with various adventures, beaches and attractions. The area is so vast that you need to plan your tour for at least 1 week so as to enjoy to the fullest. Just make your Fun List and explore new places with excitement with your friends and family.

Hiking in Mount Monadnock

The Mountain is situated in Jaffrey and people around the globe consider this mountain as one of the most climbed mountain peaks across the world.125, 000+ people come with their beloved ones and enjoy the moment while climbing the mountain. They also explore the panoramic site of all New England states, when the weather is clear and fine.

Catch Lupines in Full Blossom

0286134During mid-late June, you can see Lupines which are found in the White Mountains amongst towns such as Lisbon, Sugar Hill and Franconia Notch. The purple beauties roam in open spaces, adding more gleam to the ambience. Kids and children enjoy the most watching them.

Chuck your favorite Puck at a Manchester Monarchs Game

Granite State Offers Manchester Monarchs Game festival where you can enjoy different games. One game includes chucking your puck on the ice and winning different prizes. The experience is amazing and people love to play this game every time visiting New Hampshire.

Fantastic “Moose Alley”

Moose Alley is situated in Route 3 which is in Pittsburg and extending till Canadian border.While travelling this path, you can catch many hordes of tourists who are really crazy in taking snaps of these leggy creatures at dusk or dawn. Watching moose is pleasant and adds a wonderful memory in tourist’s journey.

 The Glorious Old Man

Granite State has a museum which is completely devoted to the icon of this state. tumblr_nw5bnbSqcy1uokfyoo1_1280Many tourists stop off the Route 93 and offer their praying’s to the “Great Stone Face”, which is actually a rock profile and fell from its poles 1,200 feet above the Profile Lake in the year 2003.

Hit the Antiques Trail

New Hampshire’s Antique’s Alley is situated in Route 4 in Northwood region of New England. The trail is seen in the New England’s oldest antique shopping district. Epsom, the towns of Lee and Chichester are also included in the city. Various collections including memorabilia, wonderful historic furniture and various such things can be found at this trail. Route 101A in Amherst and Milford is famous for another cornucopia of collectibles.

Amazing Sugar Shack

The month of March is very exciting for the tourists as you can literally stop by any of New Hampshire’s sugar shacks and see the making of fresh maple syrup.Barrington has one of the largest Sugar Shack and you can also find other sugar shacks at different locations of New Hampshire.The owners are more than happy to welcome the guests so that they can see whole process.

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