Things to Do in New Hampshire that Don’t Involve Alcohol


So I know that hitting up bars and clubs is something fun people do on a night out. But as we get older, that seen becomes less fun and is not something that I would like to do regularly. Parents of small children looking for a night out are not usually going to want to get wasted since they have to return and manage tiny humans after they have enjoyed their break. Or sometimes it is the tiny humans who also need a break from their humdrum schedules. So let’s look at other fun things to do in New Hampshire that have nothing to do with alcohol.

For you out there who are shaking your heads, consider doing something outside of a bar for fun. You may be happier for it since you will have a better chance at remembering your night and making real memories.

  1. Santa’s Village: If you are needing some Christmas all year, this is the place for you. It is also a wonderful escape for children needing just a reset and to have some fun. Who doesn’t want a little Christmas magic to help boost their spirits? With Santa, Rudolph, and a crew of elves, you and your children will not be disappointed. There is also a waterpark, letting you cool off from the summer heat.
  2. Drive down the Kancamagus Highway: Looking to get out of town? Take a beautiful and scenic drive down the Kancamagus Highway. During the fall, you will be completely floored by all of the gorgeous leaves along the highway. In the summer, the highway is full of wonderful hiking trails to get you out into nature and stretching your legs. There are even beautiful waterfalls along the way.
  3. The Basic and Franconia Notch State Park: You would think that heading to state park may not be very exciting, but it is. This is a


  1. wonderful place to get a hike in and get out and get some exercise. There is an intense hike here that will make your muscles burn and leave you completely relaxed and happy at the end. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hikes in the entire state. If you are thinking that taking your kiddos on this one would be a good idea, know that they will get tired a stroller is not an option.
  2. Palace Theater in Manchester: If you are looking for a good show, look no further than the Palace Theater. There is always some show happening there that is amazing and enjoyable. A personal favorite is A Christmas Carol which happens every December. Gives you a touch of the holiday spirit while you get to see the greatest Christmas story live on the stage. If you are headed out for a date night, there are plenty of restaurants around the area too so you can take in a whole dinner and a show experience. Definitely never a disappointment.
  3. Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center: This may seem a little unusual, but I think you will be surprised at how interesting this is. Mount Washington boasts more than 300 overcast days a year. The views heading up the mountain are remarkable and something about the overcast ambience is breathtaking. I think you would enjoy it more on a cloudy day than a clear day. It is an international attraction as well so you will see quite a variety of people up there basking in the views as well as learning a thing or two about the weather. It is not the best location if you have a fear of heights though since it is above the tree line.

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