New Hampshire Cheat Sheet: What you should know


If you have not visited New Hampshire, you could have several thoughts on what it could be like. Those thoughts may be correct or may be falsely placed. Regardless, if you are thinking of moving to New Hampshire or simply just visiting, you should prepare yourself for it. That way you will not be completely blindsided by some of it and you will be able to fit in better with the locals and understand what they are talking about.

There are so many things about New Hampshire that you may not know, so let’s just dive right in and see if you can learn something new.


  • Autumn is like none other. It is something that you should prepare yourself for. Autumn is the harvest season in New Hampshire and it also the time that the leaf peepers come out of the woodwork. People drive from all over the get a glimpse at the array of colors that come out in the New Hampshire. They are not overrated anyway; the leaves are completely beautiful.
  • Snowmobiles are not unheard of. It is not uncommon to see snowmobiles parked all over and to see people driving them down the road. They were invented by a man in New Hampshire and have no problem calling New Hampshire home. Since the winters are typically very snowy, you need to be prepared for the snow. Which leads me to my next point.
  • New Hampshire has all four seasons. The fall has the pretty leaves and the winter has the snow; there is rain and flowers in the spring, and nice warm weather in the summer. You will get all four seasons there. There is a good amount of humidity sometimes as well so prepare yourself for that, but overall, people who love experiencing the changing of the seasons will love it here.


  • It is a hiker’s dream. If you are really interested in hiking and are passionate it, New Hampshire has some of the most wonderful hiking in all of New England. It has 48 mountains and the peaks reach up to 4,000 feet. Sure that is not as high as what you will find on the West Coast, but it still provides lovely views and an array of different difficulties.
  • You are a flatlander. That is the terms that New Hampshire natives use for people who come to bask in the gorgeous leaves and take advantage of all of the hiking paths. They refer to anyone who is not them as a flatlander because New Hampshire has some of the highest elevations of New England.
  • Heard of the Hamptons? If you have seen Sex and the City or any other show that takes place in New York and the surrounding area, the Hamptons have probably come up at one time or another. This is because the Hampton beaches are unlike beaches anywhere else. You can swim in the Atlantic, which is a considerably warmer ocean than the Pacific, you can fish, camp, or just hang out. Of course the beach is really best in the summer since the winter the temperatures are typically pretty frigid.
  • There is no sales tax. Like a few other states, there is no sales tax in New Hampshire. People from all over New England drive to New Hampshire in order to get the price break from not having taxes. Other states without a sales tax include Oregon, Alaska, and Montana.
  • Low unemployment here. The fact of the matter is that New Hampshire has a pretty low unemployment rate when compared to elsewhere. That means if you are moving here, the chance of you finding a job and keeping it are better than other places. Portsmouth specifically has been rated as one of the 50 Best Markets to Find a Job.

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