Lakes, Beaches and Water Fun in New Hampshire


Needyour dose of Vitamin SEA? Time to dig up your bathing suits and sun hats because New Hampshire is ready to give you a holiday you have been longing for.

New Hampshire has some of the most sought off beaches because of its enthralling beauty and refreshing waters. Savor the feeling of soft sand and cool water on your skin andindulge in the invigorating Atlantic Ocean surf.image001

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Hampton Beach is probably the most famous seaside setting. It is ideal for boogie boarding. Restaurants also line up to serve you with the best seafood cuisine. Hampton Beach is child-friendly, offering arcades, movies on the beach and weekly fireworks. They also hold outdoor concerts and events like Master Sand Sculpting Competition.

Jennes State Beach is ideal for picnics and swimming. It opens on weekends on late May and daily from June to September. You can visit their website for an accurate opening and closing dates.

Fancy something secluded? Star Island in the Isles of Shoalsoff the mainland is a small beach where you can take a swim away from the crowd.


Boasting 273 lakes in their region alone, you can never be too bored in discovering the same dip basin over and over again. Spend some time canoeing, or water skiing on the beautiful waters of New Hampshire lakes. Rinse away your stress by fishing or pedal boating with your loved ones.

Did you know that the Guinness World Record for the largest lake belongs to Lake Winnipesaukee which is located in New Hampshire? It holds the record of 396 kayaks and canoes launched at the same time in a single body of water. There will always be a room for another; you don’t have to worry if there are other canoes or kayaks in the water if you want to do your water sport!

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On Cannon Mountain’s trail lies a 12-acre dip hole called Lonesome Lake. It will never be too big of a deal to hike 1.6 miles to see this enchanted beauty. Relax your muscles on Lonesome Lake’s water and enjoy yourstop surrounded by the majestic splendor of Mother Nature.

image003Do you fancy a swim in a river? Ammonoosuc River, near downtown Littleton, is the best choice for wading. Show off your canoeing skills in Amherst or take a dip in several swimming pools on its river. This beauty is located near Souhegan High School.

Ditch man-made waterparks for an aunaturalewaterfalls. Profile falls on the Smith River in Bristol has picnic tables that you can use to dine your hunger away while the fresh air adds that genuine country feels. At about 25-foot drop, the falls create a splendid sparkling effect for everyone to enjoy.

Diana’s Bath is a series of boulder-strewn pools carved in granite. It is known as the ‘home of water fairies’.

image004If you can’t make it to the beach but still has that urge to dip your body in water, you can visit New Hampshire’s local pools.

Do not let that perfect weather pass you by. Treat yourself to something that would make you feel good and one with the world. Find your bliss with Mother Nature.

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