Where to Get Grub in New Hampshire


Sometimes going to a restaurant is risky. If you have not had a recommendation from a friend, then it is always going to be a gamble of sorts. Yelp can be helpful, but let’s be honest, some reviewers are jerks and kind of ruin it for the rest of us. So here are my thoughts on where you should get food across New Hampshire.

  1. Republic Café & Bistro in Manchester: This is a serious treat. They get all of their ingredients from local farms and mix it up to serve some phenomenal Mediterranean food. If you are hankering to get your falafel and hummus fix, you should look no further than the Republic.


  1. Tuscan Kitchen in Salem: This is some wonderfully delicious Italian food, especially if you are after something more authentic than your local Olive Garden (not that they are bad, I seriously love their breadsticks and portabella ravioli). Tuscan Kitchen is certainly some of the best real Italian food that you will find in all of the state.
  2. The Portsmouth Brewery in Portsmouth: This an awesome place to get a delicious brew to go along with your burger. You can even get the craft beer sampler to go along with your food. They also do cater to vegetarians as well as carnivores so you should be able to find something to eat even if you steer clear of meat normally.
  3. Spoon Revolution Vegan Bistro in Concord: Speaking of vegetarians, even the vegans out there need somewhere they can go to have delicious food that you did not have to make yourself. And you do not even need to be vegan to enjoy the food here. Despite the rumor that vegan food is gross, Spoon Revolution could convert to the dark side. It is a wonderful place to get healthy food like watermelon gazpacho that will keep you coming back for more.
  4. The Barley House in Concord: IF you are looking for a delicious beer and burger, this is the spot for you. There is literally no better place in all of New Hampshire to get a burger than at the Barley House. The recommended burger to try your first time is the Dublin Burger which is also the most popular meal served there. It is a burger that is topped with whiskey sauce and bleu cheese (anyone else drooling?).

steak 3-M

  1. Rainbow Grille and Tavern in Pittsburg: Ok now let’s think about steak and seafood. If you are looking for something that is hearty and reliable, Rainbow is the place for you to try. They have a giant stuffed haddock which is probably some of the most haddock you will ever have in your life. You should also try out their rib-eye, which can weigh an entire pound (if you can handle eating a pound of steak. If not, maybe you can take home the leftovers. Regardless, you will leave satisfied and definitely not hungry.
  2. Skinny’s Pizzeria in Manchester: I could never live with myself if I did not include somewhere that you can go get your pizza fix. Now I have to offer one disclaimer for all of my friends out there. There are many different styles of pizza not just around the country, but around the world. You are likely to find different styles in different geographical locations. So think about that before you order and Skinny’s. Not that you will be disappointed. Skinny’s a go-to type of pizzeria. The food is unpretentious and reliable. If you live in the Manchester area, you are sure to become a regular.

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