Where to get a Drink in Manchester


If you find yourself stuck in Manchester, New Hampshire, and are completely desperate for a drink but somehow cannot find somewhere to go, I am here to help. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stuck in Manchester and completely exhausted from visiting my parents. While I love my parents, the fact is that sometimes, having a nice relaxing drink during a visit can lift off some of the stress and tension that comes with them informing me of what a disappointment I am to them. Regardless of why you want a drink, there are plenty of options out there in Manchester for you.

  1. The Strange Brew Tavern: This is a nice standard pub with a good beer variety. There is good beer, good food, and generally very nice people. This is a great place to stop by after a long day at work. When I say good beer variety, I am talking about the fact that they actually have a beer menu that you get to read through to make your selection. They boast that they have more than 100 beers on tap, which are all served at a very reasonable rate and not a high price like you would think. While I have read complaints about the music choice, I am not sure why you would want to listen to modern music at a tavern anyway. I certainly do not need Adele or Kanye in the background while I enjoy my brew and I think most of you out there would agree.


  1. Milly’s: My favorite thing about Milly’s is the fact that they serve their own brewed beer. You are getting fresh beer that lives there, requires no transportation, and is unique since it is not a big commercial operation. There are bands that also play here as well, making it a fun place to hang out. They even have a poetry night, fulfilling some people’s desire to combine art with their beer.
  2. The Shaskeen: If you want something that is going to be consistently good, this is the place for you to go grab a drink. There is always something happening here and the shows are never stagnate. They host all kinds of different kinds of music and comedy acts, making it a win for just about anyone. The thing about the Shaskeen is that it is not an incredible place. It is just that there are so many right things about it that it becomes incredible. Most bars have some flaw that make it less worthy than others, but this one does everything well so it becomes amazing.
  3. Murphy’s Taproom: This is definitely a popular spot to grab a drink. You might not want to go there during high times or you may find yourself in a standing room only situation, but there is a good reason for that. They have 120 beers on tap, wonderful customer service, and great live shows, you will not be disappointed with the taproom. There is even a wonderfully huge patio outside that is a real treat on summer nights.
  4. Raxx Billiards: This is probably a more suitable bar for the thirtysomething crowd. The beers are usually cheap, the people are usually pretty nice, and there is pool available to play with your friends. It is not some kind of fancy place, but is instead a great location to hang out and meet other equally chill people. You will not find the spendy craft beers here either, but you will find more run of the mill and commercial beers, which works better for some people So pop a coin in the jukebox and have a good time.


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