Why you love New Hampshire so much?

Well, why won’t I love something that supplies me with constant stream of information about bars, clubs and pubs? They provide me with the showers of entertainment when I am bored out which I used to get every next second so this turns out to be fun. Me and my friends meet up and find some place for us to enjoy that will eventually be one of this. Either I want some thrilling type of fun or some peaceful fun, or I am looking for Barley House 10-Year pale ale or I want to taste New Hampshire’s own Moat Mountain Czech Pilsner; I find all types of information here – supplied by my own self. Now this was funny part though!

How you find bars and clubs to mention here?

Nothing fancy here, everything I find is either listed on some other website but not on one single website, probably on at least 5 of them because then I think that this place might be worth it. Next step is I write about it and then on weekends if the place is near me, my group NH_StateIconaccepts to visit it and then I publish it. If it is not the case that the place is near me (I first add it in my to-do book) I then check out the reviews for that particular pub, club or bar and finally going through the website and checking for any testimonials there as well. So, you can gather that very valid information will be provided to you.

What type of information you will be providing here?

I will make sure that I supply plenty of information so that none of you has to look at any other place to find something for them. Not only this, I will try to features some extraordinary places to make your best night extremely memorable or if you are feeling down it will raise your mood and give it a 180 degree turn or even if you want to spend quality time with your friends, you can make the best out of it. Huge lists will make you find the place near you quiet easily and you can just counter check what possibilities you will have when you visit the bar or club or pub.

How often you visit these kind of places?

Too often! Very often! Think of this as every other day. And this all because of the liberty that I have in my home that I can go out most of the times and have had less restrictions since my childhood, which is the why I always want to go out and hang out with my clan; maybe because I don’t have my family yet and I have less responsibilities. I then taste any new kind of beer available and write a review in my mind (I also go through a checklist on its taste in my mind to check if it passes my test-LOL).

Is the beer good in New Hampshire?

The beer is very good in New Hampshire. They have had an ever-growing amount of craft breweries coming up all of the time that will allow you to try a variety of different flavors. Most of the bars and pubs around will have some form of local brews that you can try. If you are going to some of the better bars in Manchester, there are even beer menus that will allow you to choose a specific flavor of beer from hundreds of options. Beer drinkers are quite happy here.

Why do people like to drive there?

The main reason people that people drive through New Hampshire is to take in the foliage in the fall. There is a remarkable variety of leaves and a lot of scenery that you can take in. New Hampshire is also well-known for its nature and hiking opportunities. Also do not forget that New Hampshire was one of the original 13 colonies of the English American Colony. So there is a lot of history around New Hampshire and the entire New England area, letting you see things that have been around longer than we have even been a country.

What is something important to know?

One of the more humorous things to know about New Hampshire is that they call other New Englanders “flatlanders” due to the fact that they have the highest elevation in New England. Other states would probably laugh at it since what New Hampshire calls a mountain is a much lower elevation than mountains found in other states. Regardless, hiking through New Hampshire’s hills and mountains is a wonderful experience and incredibly beautiful.

It is important to know that New Hampshire is the third-most safe state in the union, meaning that you do not have to worry or be on edge here like you do in other places. You will be safe and be able to go about your business knowing that you are safe.

Does New Hampshire get all four seasons?

Yes it does, which is one of the most wonderful parts of the state. You will experiences the heat in summer, leaves in fall, snow in winter, and flowers in spring. There is so much to do in every season as well that you will be constantly enamored by the beauty that is the state as well as the New England area.

Any other information I should know?

There is no sales tax in New Hampshire, making it the cheapest place in New England to go shopping. Many neighboring residents will specifically got to New Hampshire for the price break. You should also know that the capital city is Concord, but the largest city is Manchester. Both places offer a lot to do as well as a lot of job opportunities and good food. New Hampshire has a very low unemployment rate as well, making it one of the easiest states to find work if you are looking for it.