Calling All Peepers: Where to Go to See the Autumn Leaves


If you are like so many thousands of others, you will want to take a drive to take in the gorgeous fall that comes with being in New Hampshire. I have lived many places throughout my life and I will tell you that hands down, there is no autumn like the autumn here. The weather is pristine, welcoming the autumn breezes, but not yet too chilly, and bringing with it all of the colors a leaf could possibly turn.

Fun little fact: the leaves lose their chloroform during the fall and return to their base color, which is sometimes red, orange, or yellow, which is why all of the trees produce such a variety of colors.

So let’s take a look at some of the best places to drive to so you can bask in the wonderful of the New Hampshire fall. There are over 1,000 miles worth of drives around the state, so there really is a lot to consider and take in.


Connecticut River Scenic Byway. This is one of three national scenic byways in all of New Hampshire. Following this drive will take you along the banks of the river that defines our state’s western border and will take you to see some historic sites, farms, tiny towns, and natural wonders.

Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee.This drive takes about a half-day or longer, but driving the Sunapee Loop will let you see one of the most photogenic town greens in America. Prepare to be amazed.

Great North Woods. There are so many moose along this drive that they outnumber the motorists. This is the ultimate region for scenic driving and will also give you the nature fix you may have been looking for.

Lakes Region. The Lakes Loop circles Lake Winnipesaukee, the perfect introduction to the state. Looking at the foliage around the lakes is incredibly beautiful and a wonderful thing to check out if you are looking to snap some breathtaking pictures along the way.


Merrimack Valley.This valley lets youchoose between 10 different scenic drives and byways around this historic region. There is a lot to see throughout the valley, so no matter which way you go you will not be disappointed.

Monadnock Region. If you decide to drive the Monadnock Region Loop, you will be able to explore quintessentially New England towns. The New England look is really one of a kind and combine that with the leaves, you are going to see a sight that you will never see anywhere else.


Seacoast.Driving along a shoreline down the coast of New Hampshire, will let you experience both the region’s Colonial history as well as all of its scenic beauty. Seeing all of the foliage along the sea is completely unique and breathtaking. It is especially wonderful on a sunny day, but you may not enjoy this one so much if the day is stormy.

White Mountains. Driving in the White Mountains feels like something you would see in a movie or a car commercial. You can choose from five driving tours, inlcuding the Kancamagus Highway, which is a national scenic byway and definitely the most popular in the entire state. This may be a popular one, but it is worth it because the foliage is remarkable.


I think that despite the traffic, everyone should go through New Hampshire during the autumn. It is incredibly beautiful and you really won’t find leaves like theirs anywhere else in the country. The winters make it harder to drive through so make sure that you drive through when the colors are changing and before it starts getting snowy.



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