Best Bars in New Hampshire


If you were thinking this entire list would involve around Manchester, think again. Sure, New Hampshire is not the biggest state in the union, but there are certainly more than one place you can go to get a drink. Now the type of drink you may be looking for will be a different matter. If you are after a cocktail or just a beer at a pub, you will need to keep that in mind as you peruse my list.

So let’s begin.

  1. Hanover Street Chophouse in Manchester: Ok, so I started with one in Manchester. But the Hanover Street Chophouse is the best place in New Hampshire to get a cocktail. It is what is sounds like: a nice place with mahogany, combining both warmth and sophistication. You can get the standard cocktails, like the old fashion, or you can go with something more current like a mojito. They also have a nice selection of food so you do not need to go there with the intention of getting hammered. It would be a waste really anyway to get wasted. I know, I am not that funny. Regardless, you should check it out.


  1. The Green Monkey in Portsmouth: While we are on the topic of cocktails, I believe you will find the very best martini in New Hampshire at the Green Monkey in Portsmouth. Their martinis are not all run of the mill, with some being a little bit wacky and artistic. There are also toy monkeys that hang off of the edge of the glass, just to add a little more fun to the ambience. Their original drinks are divine and something that you probably have never had before. My favorite part, however, is that their bartenders are willing to get creative and make a drink off menu for you, if you are willing to give them the power to do so.
  2. Fat Belly’s in Portsmouth: Now if you are looking for a bit of wild fun in the bar department, Fat Belly’s is a good place to start. It is host to the only ice bar in the entire state, where literally half of the bar itself is ice. They always have a game on the television screens, letting you cheer with the best of them. It is really a great environment to enjoy on game day. And they serve all the best party drinks, including an Irish Car Bomb and Red Bull and Vodka. Even better, their food is hearty and delicious which is exactly what you need if you are catching a game.

  1. Bailiwick’s in Littleton: This is a great little warm hideaway. You will probably not want to leave here once you put your feet up. Its energy is unparalleled and the food delicious. They even have a Sunday brunch that includes the option to build your own Bloody Mary as well as champagne cocktails. I don’t know what brunch would be complete without the champagne, but seriously the Bloody Mary bar is something from my dreams.
  2. 900 Degrees in Manchester: This one is not a bar. This is a pizza parlor. I know you may be scrunching your nose, but hear me out. It is a brick oven pizza parlor in an old mill building with cathedral ceilings. The pizza makers even toss the crust while they are making it. You have a huge selection in cocktails to choose from and you can even enjoy jazz live on Sunday evenings. So you can get your drink on and eat delicious pizza.


There are some other pretty amazing bars across New Hampshire, so do not limit yourself to this brief list. Go out there and see what you can find.

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