5 Things to Know about the History of New Hampshire


In case you are thinking of relocating to or visiting New Hampshire, you should at least get a glimpse of what the history of the state is like. This will give you a better frame of reference for what you are looking at and where you are. You do not have to memorize facts obviously, but it could serve you to understand things more. Also having a history should reinforce the importance of the state and should give you more perspective. I think you should always have a good idea of the history of a place you are visiting, if only to give you a sense of the culture and improve your education.


  1. Colonization

The colony of New Hampshire was founded in 1629. It was named for the county Hampshire, which was one of the first Saxon shires. Hampshire itself was named for the port of Southampton, which used to be known as Hampton. It was first settled near Portsmouth, not very long after the Pilgrims arrived to Plymouth Rock. It was situated between the British and French colonies and was also the subject of native claims. Because it was so centrally located, it was an area that was involved in many different wars and battles, including King William’s War, Queen Anne’s War, Father Rale’s War, and King George’s War, and as a result, there was not a big population by the mid-18th century since most people were driven out or killed.


  1. Revolution

New Hampshire was one of the original 13 colonies that rebelled against England in the American Revolution. It was the first of the colonies to set up its own government early in 1776, before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It also had a constitution before the rest of the country, though it did not want to totally abandon its relationship with England. There was a historic battle at Fort Willian and Mary, that allowed the rebels to get ahold of a cannon and ammunition, which was later used at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

  1. Politics

New Hampshire was one of the first states to condemn slavery and push for abolition. They say the created of the Republic of Indian Stream with was on its norther border with Canada in the area that had not been settled yet. Dartmouth College abolitionists created Noyes Academy in 1835 which was an interracial school. There was resistance, however, and the opponents actually managed to drag the school away and light it on fire not long after it opened. Though this seemed to just push the abolitionists even further into their movement.


  1. Slavery

New Hampshire was rampantly abolitionist and pursued the concept that liberty was for everyone, not just some people. Even though New Hampshire, pushed for it, the Democrats remained in power and slavery remained a thing. Once Abraham Lincoln was elected and the Confederate states left the union, New Hampshire quickly jumped onto the Union side of things. The state produced 31,650 enlisted men and 836 officers during the American Civil War.

  1. Immigration

During the Reconstruction, New Hampshire became an area that attracted a great many immigrants. There was a large amount of French Canadians moving in as well as many immigrants from Poland who chose New Hampshire as a great place to settle. Since the state has been overall friendly and accepting of others, they did not have the same issues with immigrants that other areas, including New York, experienced. There was also an influx of Irish and Italians, but they were more accepted here than other places.

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